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Helped me rent a Single Family home in Andover, MN.

• Neal is the man when it comes to putting homes and people together. He found us several homes that fit our needs, and was always available to show them. We found the perfect house, at the perfect time, and are and have worked with great people through the entire process. There is no doubt about it, we will be purchasing the home he helped us find, and I would/do/will recommend him for anyone looking for a home to buy, rent, or rent until you're sure you want to, or are able to buy. Neal is the dude, the guy, your man with the plan, to get you on your way to purchasing just the right welcome mat for your new home. Only negative is; he's almost as handsome as I am.


Neal was very professional.

He really took the time to help us find our home! Neal really knows his stuff and is very fast at updating information. I am so please to have met such a great guy that cared and took the time to help us.Thanks Neal! Brandie and Luke

Brandie Pendzimas Hokanson

If Neal were an Amazon review, he would be better than sugar free Gummi Bears.

He has been great through the entire process, and I'd recommend him to anyone for anything related to real estate. Check the guy out, he'll find exactly what you need!

Tom Bolan

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